Battle of Dug Springs Investigation


Taken during the preliminary Investigation of the Battle of Dug Springs, Clever Missouri, May 8th 2010, unaltered.

Close up of the above photo.  There are what appears to be three Apparitions of Civil War Soldiers captured in the photo. Close up Zoom of the Apparitions.

T.O.P.S Investigation into the Battle of Dug Springs, Private Residence located in Clever Missouri. July 10, 2010. 7:00 pm - 3:00 am

 We are still in the process of reviewing some of the evidence from this investigation. More evidence from this investigation will soon be posted for the general public to view. This information has been published with written permission from the property owners.

Weather Conditions

Temp - 87.1°F Dropped to 79.0°F by midnight   Dew Point - 73 °F

Humidity - 73%  Precipitation - 0.00 in.  Wind Speed -10 mph (S)   Barometric Pressure - 30

History of Property

Read the History of the Battle of Dug Springs here.

Photo Evidence

Three Apparitions at the Battle of Dug Springs

Video Evidence

After a long evp session in one of the bedrooms where it is reported that a child apparition makes itself known, a toy helicopter starts spinning on its own. After observing this for a bit we suddenly hear water running full force in the bathroom. After entering the bathroom the running water comes to an abrupt stop. While checking out the fixtures you can hear what appears to be a child's voice giggling with excitement in the background.

Fifteen minutes after replacing the batteries in one of our Lazer Grids we notice that the lights from the grid had bemome dimmed. Upon approaching within five feet from the grid it went totally black and as you can see in the video, "something" snaps the front off of it at "4 minutes and 31 seconds into the video." You can see it as it falls past the camera that it was taped to. What happened exactly we can't explain? It would have taken quite a force to have snapped the front off the grid and as you can see from the video, the camera barely moves at all when this occurs.

In this video you will see what appears that one of our Lazer Grids is being manipulated by something unknown? We're not quite sure what could have caused these wild movements of the lights as nobody was near the area of the grid when this is taking place. In addition to this, we were experiencing major battery drain on both of the grids that were implimented that night. This was the first time grids were ever used at this location. Could the battery drain, wild movements and the other grid being broken be due to the fact that whatever entities reside in this location were curious as to what these strange lights could be and were manipulating them?

During a ghost box session at the bottom of the field near Dug Springs our investigators receive a reply!

Here are some of the EVP's that were captured on the Dug Springs Investigation

Featured EVP's

After several hours of trying to contact a child entity in the house we captured this amazing evp of a child singing in the background. There were no children present on this investigation!

This is just after the last evp was captured.

One of the investigators asks a question and behind the other investigators talking you hear a male voice saying "Why....there talking over me..."

While in one of the barns two of our investigators had something thrown at them. In the audio just after that you can hear a male voice saying "Get,...Out..." Just after one of the investigators asks a question you can hear a faint voice saying "Death.........I....Could....n't."

After running up the battlefield chasing what appeared to be a shadow person, one of the Mel Meters starts spiking. The investigator makes a statement and you can instantly hear a reply.


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