What We Do

This page will walk you through how T.O.P.S will handle your case from start to finish.

Investigation Request

We receive the request an investigation form via email. We email you back or call you directly to talk about the case more in depth and set up a preliminary meeting at your location.

Preliminary Investigation

We arrive at your home/establishment and tour the location with you to get a better visual of the stories you are sharing and a feel for the amount of equipment and team members we’ll need. Usually this lasts for about 2 hours. From there we set up the date and time for the official investigation.

Official Investigation

Investigations can go anywhere from 2-8 hours depending on the size of your location. All investigations are conducted at night and run past midnight. It’s important that children and pets be removed from the home during this time so there is minimal interference with gathering our evidence. Once we arrive at your home we will introduce the T.O.P.S team members and walk them through the house to show them where they should set up equipment. During that time the co-directors will go over our liability paperwork that releases you as the homeowner from any financial obligation should we injure ourselves in the dark and also puts the responsibility on T.O.P.S should anything in your home get broken during the course of our investigation.

We will set up several stationary cameras and the rest of our equipment is handheld. Once the cameras are set up the co-directors will split the teams up and assign their locations. All the lights will have to be out during our investigation. We will need you as the owners to stay at the command center and be as silent as possible during this time. We will snap several photos, sit and ask several questions to gather EVP’s (electronic voice phenomena) and use other scientific methods to gather evidence. At the end of the night we will all gather for one final EVP session and then pack up.

Reveal of Evidence

Depending on the size of your location we will be back within a month to reveal what our findings were. T.O.P.S will give you a disk and full report of what we discovered on the investigation as well as the historical researchers findings.


If after the reveal you decide you would like further spiritual assistance to possibly help the spirit(s) move on, or help removing an undesirable entity from your home T.O.P.S will help in any way possible and will be sure to work with your own spiritual beliefs to determine the best path to take. We like to keep in contact with our clients on an ongoing basis. The best place for that has been our forum and via email.

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